About Me


Greetings, blogging world. Where to begin? A brief introduction perhaps?

My name is Becca. Raised in the suburbs of Cos Cob, CT, I went to college in the big city (Allentown, PA) at Muhlenberg. Nowadays, I’m living it up in Astoria, Queens. When not performing, I am often found seeing as much theatre as possible, hence this blog. I like sharing my opinions and thought I’d try sharing them in a more public fashion. So here I am. On a blog. Like so many before me.

Now onto the important stuff. See that Subscribe box to your right (and little up)? Just type in your email address, and you’ll get reviews, tips, and all theatre-related blog posts sent directly to your inbox. Easy, right?

See you at the theatre,



Photo Credit: Jeff Schneider Photography

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