Times Square Cheap(er) Eats

Times Square is a madhouse, pretty much all the time. Except around 2am after New Year’s Eve. Then it’s just spooky. But most of the time, it’s insane with tourists and packed with restaurants that are bound to rip you off. You’re already spending a boatload on your show tickets, so why go to a chain where the prices are outrageous? Here are some suggestions for more affordable (or at the very least, less touristy) places to eat that are off the beaten path (aka not TGI Friday’s and Applebee’s).

John’s Pizzeria does attract tourists, but it’s also popular for locals. Smack in the middle of the theatre district, this restaurant is great for an affordable dinner, not to mention super yummy pizza. What’s that? You like Italian but don’t want to be at a touristy restaurant? Take a stroll over to 9th Avenue for Don Giovanni’s. Or there’s Nizza: pasta, pizza, and most importantly nowadays, a second menu that’s entirely gluten-free!

Kodama Sushi is my favorite sushi place in midtown west. It’s hard to find good sushi in Times Square, but Kodama never disappoints. It has a kind staff, fast service, and delicious rolls. Plus you’ll have plenty of Broadway star sightings.

The best new addition to pre-theatre dining is Bareburger. One of my personal favorites throughout the city, definitely check this out for speedy, organic food. I also highly recommend ordering some onion rings and/or a milkshake. Another affordable burger option is HB Burger which is over by 6th Avenue and a part of the Heartland Brewery restaurant family.

Want to venture out of the theatre district but still have time to get back to midtown for a show? Check out Westville, the Chelsea location. Cute spot, great food, and known for its fantastic market sides. Vegetables galore!

A recent discovery for me is Hourglass Tavern on Restaurant Row. I’ve only been once, but it was a great dinner and much cheaper than the typical restaurants on that strip. Bareburger is also there! Did I mention Bareburger has made it to Times Square? Praise the day.

Alright, that’s what I have for now. I hope this helps with that constant struggle to find a good place for dinner. Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Go see a Broadway show!

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