So You Want to See Sleep No More?

Odds are by this point you’ve heard about Sleep No More. It’s been quite the sensation in NYC. What started as a super limited engagement over two years ago is still running to sold-out houses. I’m here to tell you to catch it before it’s gone. As far as interactive, theatrical experiences go, this is top-notch and one of the coolest nights at the theatre I’ve ever had. If you choose to go, it’s good to be prepared so below is my list of tips to fully enjoy the evening.

But first, a few words on what Sleep No More actually is. It’s a Punchdrunk production – a British company known for their interactive, site-specific theatre. A warehouse in the meat-packing district has been turned into this 1920s dark, creepy hotel called the McKittrick. There are five floors and countless rooms. The audience moves through the space freely wearing white masks. Meanwhile, the performers also run around from room to room (without masks so you know who to watch). It’s primarily a dance piece, and through movement, they tell the story of Macbeth. Very little is spoken, it’s super avant-garde, and like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Okay, my suggestions. Go.

-Review Macbeth. If you don’t know the play, read it first or get an idea of the synopsis and characters. This will be helpful when you catch a scene out of context, but at the same time, don’t worry if you don’t know what’s going on or who someone is. Just enjoy the performances!

-Wear comfortable shoes. And dress comfortably, not too heavy. It’s hot in there.

-Check everything when you arrive. Really. Don’t carry a bag, phone, purse, loose change, etc. You don’t want to worry about that stuff when you’re running around in the space.

-Follow your instincts. If you’re bored or want to check something else out, go somewhere else. That’s why the show is brilliant. You can do whatever you want; you create your own unique experience. No two people have the same night at the theatre.

-On that note, if you go with someone, I highly encourage you to split up. This way you can truly follow your gut and do what you want. You’ll likely run into each other throughout the evening anyway.

-The whole show loops three times except for the finale so you very well may see something twice. If you happen upon a scene you’ve already seen, you don’t necessarily have to immediately ditch. You could follow a different actor at the end of that segment.

-It might be a while before you find an actor when you first enter the space. My first time it took me 40 minutes, and my second time I practically ran into one right when I walked in. As soon as you see someone without a mask, follow! Run if you’re up for it!

-I know there are a lot of cool rooms, props, and keys. Enjoy this and feel free to explore, but don’t get obsessed. I know someone who sat in a room and waited for ages, sure that something would eventually happen, and another friend who found a key and spent the entire show trying to find what it opened. The details are fun and you should definitely look around, but don’t dedicate your evening to them.

-Hydrate! I suggest checking a water bottle with your stuff so you have it to drink afterward.

-Wear a watch so you can head to the ballroom at the appropriate time for the finale. If it’s a 7pm show, head over around quarter to 10pm. This is the one thing you want to plan on. Get as close to the long table as possible.

Above all, I would say be ready to adapt. I wouldn’t go in with a plan; it’ll likely just backfire due to crowds or getting lost and you’ll end up being disappointed. I’ve talked to a lot of folks who have been worried that they’re going to miss something. Honestly, that’s the nature of the show. You are going to miss things; you can only be in one room at a time. But who knows what you’ll get to see?

With or without these tips, you’re going to have an excellent, one-of-a-kind evening. Tickets are expensive, but man, is it worth it.

Sleep No More
A Punchdrunk Production, Directed by Felix Barrett and Maxine Doyle
McKittrick Hotel through February 16th
Photo Credit: Yaniv Schulman
Pictured: Matthew Oaks

Discount Ticket Tips!

Looking for cheap(er) tickets? Here’s a quick round-up of some of the best options out there.

Still under 30? Manhattan Theatre Club offers a 30under30 program. Basically, if you’re 30 years old or younger, you can purchase $30 tickets (up to 2) to all MTC shows. Your guest does not have to fit the age requirement, but you will have to show your ID to pick up the tickets.

Linctix offers $30 tickets to 21-35 year olds for all Lincoln Center Theater productions. Also, if you sign up, LCT3 shows cost just $20. You can only purchase one ticket though Linctix, but you can enter your friend’s member information when purchasing so you can sit together.

Roundabout Theatre Company has Hiptix which is a $20 deal for folks ages 18-35. You can get 2 tickets for Roundabout productions, but your guest also has to be the appropriate age.

If you’re looking to buy tickets in advance for some of the more popular shows, I recommend checking in from time to time on websites like Playbill, Theatremania, or Plum Benefits. They typically all offer the same discounts. They aren’t the best, but it’s better than nothing! You can join the Playbill Club here. There’s also the Theatremania Gold Club which offers discounts and a pair of complimentary tickets with a $99 annual membership fee.

Playbill also keeps a handy list of all of the general rush, youth rush, standing room, and lottery policies for Broadway and Off-Broadway shows.

Lastly, there is TDF which offers affordable prices for Broadway, Off-Broadway, music, and dance productions. The Broadway shows tend to be around $40-45 nowadays. Now, you’re not going to see bestsellers like The Book of Mormon or Wicked listed on TDF, but you will see a fair share of popular plays and musicals. Shows will more likely pop up during previews or when they aren’t selling as well during a particular week. There’s an annual membership fee. Right now it’s only $25. Check out the site to see if you are eligible to join.

So these are the major outlets I use when investigating ticket deals. There are always the TKTS booths for day-of half-price tickets (tourist central, mind you). It also never hurts to swing by the box office and see what they have available that night.

Good luck and happy ticket-buying!