It’s Gonna Be a Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve

Friends! I promise I’ll be returning in the blink of an eye with more reviews. I’ve got Honeymoon in Vegas and Constellations on deck, and let’s not forget “Into the Woods!”

But since we’re all on holiday, let’s step off the interwebs for a bit this evening and look forward to the New Year approaching. My pal Dina and I create a slogan each year to pump us up. This tradition started on NYE 2007 back when it was easier to rhyme – we had “Great in ’08,” “Divine in ’09,” “Zen in 10,” “Leaven in ’11.” Ya know, some real classics. It’s been trickier lately with these darn teens. Nonetheless, this year we ask that you…drumroll please…glean. That’s right: “You betta glean in 2015.” Gather gradually bit by bit. Gather what, I hear you say? Anything, my friends. Knowledge, love, art, anything.

Oh! Before we abandon the Internet, I’ll leave you with one video in honor of tonight’s celebrations –goddesses Laura Benanti, Kelli O’Hara, and Jessie Mueller singing “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” at this year’s Kennedy Center Honors for Tom Hanks.

Now…glean. Happy New Year!

Photo Credit: Diana Chan
Pictured: Liz Wasser, Becca Schneider, Nathan Greene, and Dina Percia delving into ’12

4 Comments on “It’s Gonna Be a Happy New Year!”

  1. bulletinproof says:

    Happy New Year to you!! Love the RENT reference 🙂 Can’t wait for your Into the Woods review!

  2. says:

    Glean in 2015! I like it! Anything that puts the word ‘glean’ into popular parlance is a very good thing. I say, let ’em look it up! And thanks for the memories of that marvelous rendition to the “They Can’t Take That Away From Me.” Beautifully sung by those three great musicians. I wish you all the best in this brand new year. Now…get gleaning! Love, Liz

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