These Are a Few of My Favorite Searches

So with my WordPress blog, I get a fancy little dashboard that tracks my posts and site statistics. The statistics include how many hits each post is getting or where in the world my readers are based. The dashboard also has a section called “Top Searches.” These are the searches on Google, or whatever people like to search with (Bing?), that brought readers to my blog. They type something in, it has enough in common with the tags I’ve used on past posts, and Becca on Broadway pops up in their search results.

Why am I telling you all this? Because some of these searches are AMAZING. Over the past couple years, I’ve saved my favorites, and I thought I would share them with you now (with my comments in italics below). I hope you get as much enjoyment out of them as I have.

“what scene in rent does idina menzel show butt”
Clearly the most important part of that musical.

 “a million miles away ARADIN”

“80 minute sex”
I can only assume this brought up the blog because of my Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man review. Don’t get any ideas.

“understanding hedwig”
It’s a tricky one I suppose.

“hedwig and the crazy inch”
That inch is inSANE.

“i’d dan lauria starring in s christmas story in 2014”
Someone is in desperate need of spellcheck. And no, unfortunately Dan Lauria left A Christmas Story when the run ended at the very end of 2013.

“in the book of mice and men what are 3 things that lennie contributes to his friendship with george”
Sparknotes, anyone?

“change in mood comes when swastika is sceen in cabaret”
I’ll say.

“clint eastwood aladdin”
Now this I need to see.

“what was the reality show that aired briefly about conjoined twins”
Oh Side Show, I miss you.

“fren gully broadway tickets”
Yes! Great movie! Make it happen!

“mailchimp podcast”

“twins on broadway show really conjoined”

“does steven pasquale have a girlfriend”
Mmm. I hear ya.

“rosie odonnell character cosette”
Okay, actually THIS is what I need to see.

Here’s hoping these keep pouring in, and this can be a regular installment!

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Matt put it best as we exited the theatre: “What a marathon.” For anyone who takes on the role of Hedwig, that show is a beast. Thirteen songs, basically one ongoing monologue, quick on-your-feet improvisation, physically challenging and exhausting…the works. And as you might expect, Neil Patrick Harris pulls it off. He didn’t win a Tony for nothing. The guy is unstoppable. No matter what is thrown at him, he doesn’t bat an eye(lash). Audience members shout things, and he shouts right back, adlibbing right and left, so much that you don’t know what was already scripted. Although when someone yelled out, and he shot back, “Get outta here, Shia LaBeouf,” you know that’s Neil.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch premiered Off-Broadway in 1998 and won the Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Musical. Last month, it won a Tony for Best Revival. They made a movie in 2001 starring book writer John Cameron Mitchell. And even if you think you don’t know Hedwig, you very well might know the chorus from Wig in a Box or Wicked Little Town. Sadly, due to the absurd Tony rules, since the show is considered well-known enough in the theatre repertoire, it landed in the revival category even though it’s never been on Broadway. This is mainly an issue because it means the creators cannot be nominated for Best Book, Best Score, and Best Musical.

Nonetheless, we can still celebrate Mitchell and Stephen Trask and what they created: this intensely funny, sexual, pushing-the-envelope, crazy rock musical about a transgender German rock and roll singer, Hedwig. It’s a one-night-only rock concert in which Hedwig tells her story, supported by her band, Tits of Clay, and Yitzhak, an ex-drag queen and Hedwig’s husband. The band is great. Lena Hall (who also won the Tony) made me wish Yitzhak had more to do (but that might be the point). She gives a subtle, striking performance, and you relish the moments she gets to sing. The costumes and wigs are fabulous, as is the set and Tony-winning lighting.

A couple disclaimers. If you don’t do well with loud shows, this might not be for you. It’s very much like a rock concert at times, and there is one song with extreme strobe lighting. Also, it might be good to study up on the lyrics in advance. Combined with the accents and volume, I had trouble understanding several parts (luckily there was open captioning that night).

But if you want to see NPH at his best, I’d see if there are still tickets before he leaves August 17th. Not to say the show is not worth seeing without Neil. I would certainly be curious to see another Hedwig; I imagine it would change the entire show. I am positive Andrew Rannells, who steps in next, will be wonderful. He’ll make it his own for sure. Any Hedwig would.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Book by John Cameron Mitchell, Music and Lyrics by Stephen Trask, Directed by Michael Mayer
Belasco Theatre, on sale through October 12th
Photo Credit: Joan Marcus
Pictured: Neil Patrick Harris

Long Time No Blog

The Understudy Rehearsal

First, let me say: please excuse my absence these past couple of weeks. I have shows to share with you and drafts piling up, but we are very much closing in on the opening of The Understudy. Hence, my brain capacity is at its max. So allow me to stray from a typical review for the moment to simply say hello and share a few tidbits.


Have you seen the Annie trailer yet? There’s this one with song and dance and another one I saw in theatres that pretends it’s not a musical at all. You gotta admit – that’s smart marketing to get some other folks in the seats. What are your thoughts on the cast? Mainly Cameron Diaz and Electro? I’m trying not to have any pre-conceived notions. It’s coming out this Christmas along with Into the Woods. Much to discuss. We’ll check back in about the latter though once there’s a real trailer released.

Tony nominations were announced on April 29th, which means we are quickly approaching one of my favorite days of the year (aka Tony night). What did you think of the nominations? Any snubs that really bothered you? Poor Daniel Radcliffe; that’s three snubs for him now. I was particularly excited that Outside Mullingar got recognized, and all of the Twelfth Night nominations made me quite happy. I’m eager to see what happens with some of those intense competition categories.

I’m seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch on July 1st! Just a heads-up: it is POPULAR, and it’s only going to get crazier once it starts collecting Tony Awards on June 8th. So if you have any interest in seeing it and/or NPH, get your tickets now. When Matt and I went to the box office last week to buy ours, they were already sold out through the end of June.

Here are the reviews that will be coming your way soon: Murder for Two, Mothers and Sons, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, and perhaps another Spotlight on TV!

And lastly, a brief moment of self-promotion if I may: The Understudy is one week away! Performances are at The Secret Theatre from Wed, May 28 through Sun, June 1. It was officially announced on Theatremania today! Get your tickets here, and enter the code KAFKA by this Friday at midnight for discounted tickets. I’m so excited about this production and incredibly proud of everything we have accomplished in such a short time. I love this play, and I think you will, too. Hope to see you there.

The Understudy
Written by Theresa Rebeck, Directed by Jenn Haltman
The Secret Theatre, May 28 – June 1
Photo Credit: Jeff Schneider Photography
Pictured: Brian Byus and Becca Schneider