Video Friday: Do You Remember?

I’d like to start sharing a “Video of the Week.” Now admittedly, I’m not sure how consistent this will be, but if there’s a video that I’ve played on repeat, you can be sure to find it here for your own personal viewing. This could be anything from a Broadway performer I love to a song that I think you should hear to a moving performance of any sort.

I give you a beautiful song called “Do You Remember?” to kick things off. Although I’ve linked to it in an earlier post, I’m now going to dedicate a little more attention. It’s written by Pasek & Paul (A Christmas Story), the guys I told you about in my Dogfight post, and it’s performed by the glory that is Gavin Creel (Thoroughly Modern Millie, Hair). Based on the stories of Peter Pan, this video is from a concert of Pasek & Paul songs back in 2008. The lyrics are gorgeous, the melody kills me, and Gavin’s performance is mesmerizing. It’s a lesson in vocal control, and his storytelling is beautiful. It’s like he has a secret to share the entire time.

Enjoy, and see you next week.

One Comment on “Video Friday: Do You Remember?”

  1. Ms. Liz says:

    Gorgeous. Enough to make me weep. Thank you ~

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